Armored vehicle

UpRyvqJukL1.jpg Multi-function armored vehicle Didgori

The multi-function armored military vehicle is designed to conduct reconnaissance operations and to safely transport six paratroopers and three crew members to the combat zone.


yJKpWWwunj3.jpg Integrated network vehicle Didgori

The purpose of the vehicle is to ensure proper communication between the brigade-level military unit headquarters and combat units. To ensure the managemen ...

cyQitbhLLhmed.jpg Medical-evacuation armored vehicle

The armored vehicle is designed to safely evacuate the wounded directly from the combat zone and provide first aid on the road.

In the back of the car there are four units ...

aFRsnQhYJZmeomari1.jpg Didgori Warrior

"Warrior" is a universal modular platform. Its construction allows the integration of modules of various types and purposes on the rear of the car - anti-tank, anti-aircraf ...

TFgZspxjurgr1.jpg Didgori Warrior mortar module

The Didgori Warrior which is equipped with a mortar test module, is intended to provide fire support to a brigade-sized unit or battalion-sized unit.

The machine with a 120 ...

PziOyFIYXjdaz1.jpg Didgori – Intelligence modification

The given modification of "Didgori" with an updated design is intended for army intelligence units. The body of the armored vehicle can be equipped with a small ground rada ...