Infantry fighting vehicle LazikaInfantry fighting vehicle Lazika

Infantry fighting vehicle Lazika

Caterpillar infantry fighting vehicle, is designed to safely transport mechanized detachments directly to the front line and support them with fire.

The armor is of the combined type and provides protection from 14.5 mm caliber armor-piercing bullets from the previous projection. Bottom mine protection is of STANAG Level IV and is designed for 10 kilograms of TNT equivalent explosion. The modular construction allows additional armor elements to be mounted on the boards as well.

The vehicle has a standard KSM construction, in front of it there is an engine compartment, to its left, there is a driver-mechanic. The rear is completely occupied by the landing area. For a quick landing from the personnel car, a folding ramp is installed, in which a small door is additionally cut.

The carriageway is tracked, has a torsional suspension system and five pairs of support wheels. To protect the road surface the rubber protective bunks are installed on the tracks.

At the front and rear of the hull there are mounted twenty four hour vision cameras from which the image is displayed on monitors installed at the driver-mechanic's workplace.

The vehicle is equipped with a remote control combat module with a 23 mm caliber 2A14 automatic cannon and a 7.62 mm PKT type tank machine gun paired with it.


Technical characteristics:

Length - 6130 mm

Width - 3068 mm

Height - 2163 mm

Empty weight - 14850 kg

Crew - 3 men

Landing - 7 men

Maximum speed - 70 km / h

Engine power - 400 hp

Fuel tank - 400 liters

Travel stock - 450 km

Armor - 4569 STANAG

Clearance - 444 mm

Incline - 31 °

Incline to one side - 17 °

Overcoming vertical resistance - 70 cm

Overcoming trench - 2000 mm

Ocercoming water obstacle - 1200 mm

Basic armament - 23 mm automatic cannon 2A14

Auxiliary armament - 7.62 mm PKT machine gun

Combat set on the cannon - 100 projectiles

Combat set for a machine gun - 500 cartridges