Integrated network vehicle Didgori

Integrated network vehicle Didgori

The purpose of the vehicle is to ensure proper communication between the brigade-level military unit headquarters and combat units. To ensure the management and communication of combat units, modern radio-electronic equipment is installed in the armored frame of the vehicle, which continues to function properly even when the enemy uses various means of radio-suppression. The armored frame of the vehicle is divided into two parts. There is a four-man crew in the front and military communications equipment in the rear. The vehicle is also equipped with a global navigation system.

Technical characteristics:

Length - 6120 mm

Width - 2350 mm

Weight - 8200 kg

Engine power - 330 hp

Roadway formula - 4X4

Gearbox - automatic

Maximum speed 120 km / h

Travel stock 500 km

Crew 5 men