About us

Who we are

LLC “Delta International” is a subsidiary company of state Military Scientific-Technical Center “Delta”, which is 100% owner. Our Team is  involved in negotiations with foreign partners and promotes “Delta” products worldwide.

State Military Scientific-Technical Center "Delta" is a legal entity of public law established by the resolution of the Government of Georgia. The state control of the center is performed by the Ministry of Defense.

Delta is the only organization operating in Georgia, which designs, manufactures and tests the samples of military and dual-consumption products, manufactures various product models serially and repairs military technique.

Within the recent years, the Georgian armed forces has been supplied with several types of technique, weapons and equipment produced by Delta. The products manufactured by Delta are exported as well.



Delta International  team consists of the people with vast experience and knowledge. Each of us relizes the responsibility of the rare job he/she serves and does so with great love.

Delta International is an united team who encourages new ideas, initiatives, projects - everything related to development, creation, innovation.

Some of the “Delta”-s  equipment produced by us is exported and enlisted in the Armed Forces of several countries, which is a proud example for our company.

We are always ready for partnership and cooperation, we are not afraid of any challenges and welcome the novelties, we are confident in our abilities and we believe in our ideas.