Didgori – Intelligence modificationDidgori – Intelligence modification

Didgori – Intelligence modification

The given modification of "Didgori" with an updated design is intended for army intelligence units. The body of the armored vehicle can be equipped with a small ground radar station, telescope, day and night infrared spectrum cameras, etc. mounted on a telescopic mast.

Equipped with a 330-horsepower engine, the reconnaissance armored vehicle provides protection for those in armored vehicles in accordance with the requirements of STANAG 4569 and is designed for up to seven military personnel. The car has the ability to develop 110 km / h on the paved road and can technically overcome an obstacle of 60 cm, a vertical obstacle of 40 cm and water to a depth of 80 cm. (in an unprepared manner).

Didgori reconnaissance is used for covert reconnaissance of enemy armored vehicles and can detect them early, from a distance of several tens of km.

Technical characteristics:

Length - 6450 mm

Width - 2750 mm

Weight - 9000 kg

Engine power - 330 hp

Roadway formula - 4X4

Gearbox - automatic

Maximum speed 110 km / h

Travel stock 500 km

Crew 7 men