Didgori Warrior mortar  moduleDidgori Warrior mortar  module

Didgori Warrior mortar module

The Didgori Warrior which is equipped with a mortar test module, is intended to provide fire support to a brigade-sized unit or battalion-sized unit.

The machine with a 120 mm mortar mounted on it is very effective in small and medium intensity combat operations, especially on mountainous terrain.

When in combat mode, the support plate of the Didgori Warrior and the 120 mm barrel mounted on it are lowered by a special hydraulic mechanism to the ground and the rear axle of the vehicle is lowered for rigid fixation when fired into the air. From the mortar it is possible to shoot the mines of both Russian (Soviet) model, as well as various types of NATO standard mines. The vehicle combat set consists of 24 mines. The combat characteristics of the mortar test module meet modern requirements.

Didgori Warrior's off-road base ensures rapid firing from the firing position, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of destroying the vehicle with counter-fire.

Technical characteristics:

Length 7240 mm

Width 2350 mm

Height 2870 mm

Combat mass 8200 kg

Travel stock 500 km

Engine power 330 hp

Gearbox - automatic

Maximum speed - 120 km / h

Crew - 5 men

Booking level - EN763 standard BR7 +

Armament - 120 mm caliber mortar module

Minimum shooting distance - 480 meters

Maximum shooting distance - 7100 meters

Barrel raising angle - 45 ° - + 80 °

Barrel rotation angle on fixed support legs - ± 5 °

Target device - a block of optical or inertial targets.