Didgori WarriorDidgori Warrior

Didgori Warrior

"Warrior" is a universal modular platform. Its construction allows the integration of modules of various types and purposes on the rear of the car - anti-tank, anti-aircraft, artillery and other specialized modules. The armored vehicle is distinguished by strong armor, high maneuverability and high off-road performance on different types of terrain. The car crew consists of five members: the car commander, the driver mechanic, the remote module operator and the two-person landing or the operator of the various armament systems.

Technical characteristics:

Length 5620 mm

Width 2420 mm

Height 2440 mm

Combat mass 7000 kg

Engine power 330 hp

Gearbox automatic

Roadway formula 4X4

Maximum speed 120 km / h

Travel stock 500 km

Crew 3 men

Landing 2 men

Armor EN1063 BR7 + Level