Multiple Launch Rocket System 122Multiple Launch Rocket System 122

Multiple Launch Rocket System 122

122mm caliber salvo fire reactive system is designed to destroy enemy manpower, armored vehicles, artillery batteries, fortified objects, command posts and other targets. Salvo fire reactive systems are used extensively in combat operations of various scales.

The vehicle has an armored cockpit that protects a group of five inside it from the bullets and shells of artillery shells.

Delta offers its potential customers the installation of packages of 122 mm "Grad" system salvo fire reactive systems and booking the chassis on specific selected models.


Technical characteristics:

Chassis КрАЗ-63221

Crew 5 men

Number of guide tubes in the package 40 units

Full volley duration 20 sec

Maximum speed on the highway 70 km / h

Travel stock 500 km

Caliber 122 mm

The minimum shooting distance is 1000 meters

Maximum firing distance 45000 meters (depending on the type of missile 122 mm)